Cyclists and HGV drivers have equal right to use the highway, but they are very different. Their difference in size means there are particular safety issues faced by cyclists and HGV drivers. Cyclists and lorry drivers may not have first-hand experience of using the others’ vehicle. We have put together some practical tips which can help both cyclists and HGV drivers to improve road safety.


We work in partnership with West Midlands Police on the Exchanging Places programme, raising awareness of cycle safety around Heavy Goods Vehicles. Cyclists are invited to sit in the cab of a large vehicle to see first hand the significant blind spots where cyclists cannot be seen, while HGV drivers are given advice on how to drive to minimise the risks to cyclists.

There are a number of good videos online showing the different perspectives of cyclists and lorry drivers. We recommend watching Transport for London HGV Cycle Safety video or the Metropolitan Police Exchanging Places video.

The Freight Transport Association have been working on Logistics for Cycling campaign, intended to aid and publicise the work the logistic industry is doing to promote vulnerable road user safety.

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Top tips for cyclists

Top tips for HGV drivers