We have collected some great advice about cycling, bikes and how Birmingham Cycle Revolution can help you start cycling and develop your skills.


There are also some excellent guides on the Sustrans get cycling webpage.

Cycling on paths shared with pedestrians

Shared paths for pedestrians and cyclists are a great way of getting out and about in Birmingham. We’ve developed some top tips for both cyclists and pedestrians to help make journeys on shared paths safer and more pleasant for all.
Read our share with care advice for cyclists and pedestrians.

Safer Cycling near HGVs

We work in partnership with West Midlands Police on the Exchanging Places programme, raising awareness of cycle safety around Heavy Goods Vehicles. Cyclists are invited to sit in the cab of a large vehicle to see first hand the significant blind spots where cyclists cannot be seen, while HGV drivers are given advice on how to drive to minimise the risks to cyclists.
Read more about safer cycling near HGVs.

Cycle Maintenance Checks

The ABC check is a quick one minute check to be done every time you ride. The M check is a widely used safety check that allows your bike to be safe in five minutes.
Read more about the ABC and M checks.

Winter Cycling

Winter weather can make travelling a challenge for all road users. But when it comes to cyclists, there are a number of things drivers can do to make the roads safer and more pleasant for everyone and that cyclists can do to be safer and more comfortable in the saddle.
Read more of our advice for winter cycling.
Read more of our advice to help drivers be cycle aware in winter.

Route Planning

When you decide to use your bike for making a work or pleasure journey it is important to consider what route you will take. You can use a journey planner such as CycleStreets or use the Birmingham cycling and walking map.
Read more about the Birmingham cycling and walking map.

Cycling on Canal Towpaths

The Canal and River Trust welcomes all users and encourages you to respect the serenity of the local environment and each other.
Read more about cycling on canal towpaths

Cycling to Work

Not only is commuting by bike fun and proven to reduce stress levels, it also saves you money, is more reliable than driving or public transport and increases your fitness. The Birmingham Cycle Revolution team can support you and your workplace to make cycling to work as easy as possible.
Read more about cycling to work and becoming a cycle friendly workplace.

Cycle to work schemes

It is possible to purchase a tax deducted bike through your employer to enable you to cycle to work.

If you are an employee, ask your employer whether they operate the cycle to work scheme.
If you are an employer, read more about implementing the scheme for your staff.

Travelling by bike and train

Network West Midlands provide secure cycle parking at stations across the West Midlands region. If you want to take your bike on the train with you, London Midland will carry folding bicycles at any time and up to two full size on their off peak services.
Read more about taking your bike on trains in the UK.

If you can't take your bike with you, but want convenient cycle hire at your sdestiantion, a number of larger rail stations (including Birmingham New Street, Moor Street, Snow Hill and International) have Brompton Bike Hire docks nearby.

Bike shops in Birmingham

Birmingham has lots of bike shops, selling new and used bikes and accessories and offering maintenance and repair services.
See list of bike shops in Birmingham.

Cycling Clubs

If want to get into the sporting side of cycling, consider joining a club. Many clubs welcome beginners, you don't have to be the next Laura Trott!
See list of cycling clubs in or near Birmingham.