The Birmingham Cycle Revolution team has selected our favourite traffic free city cycling routes to suit all ages and abilities. Many of the chosen paths and routes have recently benefited from improvements and developments made through the Birmingham Cycle Revolution project, and there’s more to come!


Download the family routes leaflet.

Have fun and explore some of the city’s fantastic outdoor spaces right on your doorstep. These handy printable maps detail rides along a range of traffic free, clean and smooth green- space routes, perfect for spending family time together in the great outdoors. Before you head out on your ride, take a look at our advice pages, offering guidance to ensure your bike is roadworthy and safe.

Please note: not all the roads that these routes cross have formal crossings in place yet. Please take care and be patient when crossing. Look out for any signage that’s in place on the route. If you find spots where the signage is not clear, use the map to work out where the route goes.

We strongly encourage all riders to wear a helmet, this is particularly important for children especially if they’re new to cycling. Stay safe and most of all, have fun!